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You might not even know what you want yet, but you've found a company of nice people with tonnes of knowledge and twenty years of hands-on experience of events, audio-video equipment, lighting, music, and everything that goes with it.

How can we help?

Take a look at how we produce creative events (meetings, conferences, get togethers, call them what you will) and bespoke installs (retail outlets, schools, public buildings, et all) for our favourite clients. Perhaps you are a venue looking for a new reliable partner, like the people here at venue services. Some people know exactly what they want, and just need to hire the high quality kit for their own event - it's OK we've got that covered too - equipment hire. Oh we also sell a lot of the wonderful toys that we use everyday, take a look at how AV sales from experts makes it a load easier to get the right bit of kit.

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It's OK, we like it! Find out about the team and who trust us to make their event / install / venue / experience the best it can be.
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Already convinced? Not sure? Why not just give us a call, or email, or Skype and have a natter about your next project. We might invite you for tea, and we ALWAYS have biscuits!

PS. Every picture on this site is of an event we have produced - ask us for details of anything you like the look of.
PPS. That's not all! We also do lots and lots and lots of other things, like this website interested? Oh, and clever things for your home events here at charlie mike 9.

We've gone on a bit, so maybe you should just look at our favourite bands instead: The Cat Empire & Chickenfoot. We really like music, we even have our own band: Stealer. Enjoy.