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We were initially contacted by Reigate Junior School to assess their existing equipment and produce a specification for tender to upgrade their system to meet their new requirements. These included an easy and quick way to enable microphones, iPod inputs and an electric piano for use by all staff for assemblies, a new projection system to use on both an electric screen and as a virtual backdrop on the wall at the rear of their stage. Also requested was a way of tidying up their existing lighting rig.

Sound was a complete new installation, comprising of 4 TurboSound TCX-12 speakers, positioned to suit the hall either portrait with their stage, or landscape for assemblies. An Allen & Heath iDR8 was deployed to control the system, taking inputs from both new and existing Audio Technica Pro 45 microphones, a MiPro ACT747 wireless mic receiver, iPod inputs around the hall and the new DVD player. Using the iDR8 enabled us to have a remote for controlling the elements used in "assembly mode" next to the position where they stand, rather than having to adjust volumes near the stage or by using their mixer. All audio sources were duplicated at the rear of the hall, along with a left and right system connection allowing all the new equipment to be patched into their existing audio mixer, enabling full control for their twice annual shows.

As with all of our installs, on completion we produced an easy to follow user guide, along with creating a mini website, creating a central place for the school's staff to access both the user guide and the manufactures manuals. We also placed QR codes on all the major equipment and patch panels, enabling users with smart phones to easily be able to look up how to use the specific piece of equipment. Speaking after the handover, deputy head Oliver Moses says 'The equipment has made quite the impression on the school... for all the right reasons! Everyone's really impressed! The children are particularly liking the 'magic' screen.'