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Gt. Totham Primary School

After hiring one of our MiPro portable PA solutions for their sports day, deputy head Lisa Cleghorn called us to have a look at their existing lighting and sound solutions as nobody was really sure what they had or how it worked.

Following an assessment, new lighting fixtures were brought to compliment their existing floods. We upgraded their dimming system to run on DMX and installed 5 different control points to connect their new ETC lighting desk, to enable it to be used in multiple locations. We also performed a service of the existing system, which importantly included labelling their patching system and a full service on their existing fixtures. 2 audio systems were already installed, along with the remains of an original one cluttering the walls.

We removed the old system completely and combined all of their inputs into one amplifier. This gave them one control point for the sound system – a much better solution than their previous system which had the audio from laptops and the DVD player routed through the second system, which was too small for the hall. The new system also allows for the speakers to be easily moved, again to suit the orientation of the hall.