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J&E Hairdressing Awards 2011

Hot on the heels of the Ascot Ladies Day, with hardly a moment to catch our breath, we launched into the JET Academy Hairdressing Awards Ceremony. This event presented us with several challenges...

Firstly the venue; The London Cruise Terminal in Tilbury is a glorious monster of a building, but with no technical infrastructure, we had the job of turning the large empty space into a bespoke venue for the evening. Pete Adams and Gary Taylor took on the role of assembling the set. Complete with fast fold screen, built onto a steel deck stage & catwalk, a truss ground support system formed the basis for the event. With LED battens up-lighting the set, along with a selection of Source 4 juniors as generic stage lighting, we completed the stage look. Further up-lighting of the venue with our stock of Robe LED 4ce7’s around the supporting pillars combined with break-up gobos gave an atmospheric and intimate solution to house lighting.
Chris Doy, assisted by Krissy Clayden, Peter Wilkes and Mick Byrne, completed the lighting build effortlessly. Ben White took care of all the audio requirements, all based around our stock of MiPRO radio microphones and KV2 speaker system.

Secondly, we faced the challenge of creating a huge amount of content for the event, for both awards and fashion shows, and it featured a combination of short video stings, PowerPoint and live camera. All of this fell to James Reece-Ford, who, with the support of Chris Gage on the day, effortlessly combined all to create a visually stunning show.

Finally, we had the challenge of stage managing the event. Various salons put on catwalk shows featuring models and dancers; this was followed by an awards ceremony with a photographic competition and live models. A seamless fast-paced show was stage managed by Gary Taylor, and assisted by Peter Wilkes.