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Mercedes on tour

AV NETWORK, from Milton Keynes, came to Reece Productions with a brief to create a visual environment in two event trailers from MOBILE PROMOTIONS. Our response was to utilise sheets of 'illusion film' from XL VIDEO, a plastic projection surface which has the ability to be faded to a clear state electronically with a sine-wave dimmer, thus giving the effect of the screen disappearing, controlled by DMX from the lighting desk.
Completing the high-tech approach we utilised our new ChamSys magicQ consoles, with a LS9-16 for audio on each truck. Lighting fixtures were all LED to provide colour and 'house lights' to the trucks, whilst ensuring the lowest power consumption - important on a tour with over 220 working hours! Each truck had a busy schedule, running five weeks of conferences each covering the whole of the UK, with an additional weekend in Maastricht.

You can take a look at video footage of the Illusion Film in action here: