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Fun? At Work?

Events are hard work!

They really are, some are easier than others, but it is a fact that we are mostly first in and last out, which means when your event finishes at 2am we end up with a really long day. And we do it every day!

So the way we get through the long work days, the hours driving around Europe in vans, the boredom of airport lounges and long hotel transfers, is by having fun. And you know what? It turns out that it makes us a better team to work with, and our customers seem to like it too. We never 'take our eyes off the ball' and we're always professional, but we do like to enjoy what we do.

So, here we thought we would let you in on a few of our little anecdotes from the last few years, you can also check out our blog here: BLOG.REECEPRO.CO.UK

The Curious Case of the Non Un-Locking Van - by Gary

To set the scene. We were due to load in to a Central London Hotel at 10.00 Monday for an afternoon product launch. Ben was driving in the van of kit. Wiz was joining us by train, I was driving down from the Midlands. All was looking good, apart from the steady drizzle. I was making good time, no trouble on the trains, and Ben had called to say he was parked by the venue and was going to scope out the load in.

At about 09.55 I pulled up alongside the van to see Ben looking perplexed, somewhat damp and definitely on the outside of the van. When I saw him kick the driver's door in frustration I knew something was up. I parked the car and approached Ben. I cannot politely write what Ben was saying, but, he was suggesting his displeasure using his full vocabulary at the fact that the van would not unlock.
"Don't be silly" I say "of course it will" but no.
No amount of key turns, wiggling and coaxing would open the door. Worse still, the only way to get to the AV kit in the back was via this very same lock. Wiz arrives, and despite a large amount of wiggling, turning and more colourful language the lock would not budge.

Several calls to locksmiths ensued, but to no avail.
"Nah mate, be at least free aaars 'til I can get there" etc.

I called the van hire company to explain the situation. Kit in van, client waiting, getting wetter, very frustrated. I suggested drastic action may be called for. Van hire man tells me then, that even if we get into the cab that we won't get into the back of the van, where all of our precious AV kit was languishing. I sent Wiz and Ben to go and check out the load in, and maybe explain we may be just a little late. It was then that I saw a very handy house brick in an adjacent garden.
The first attempt bounced off. Second try. Big effort, and CRASH!

The quarter light is no more. I am in. It is a start. The van will start and drive, but as explained, the rear doors will still not open. Wiz and Ben re appear, a sudden look of excitement when they see me in the van, but then gloom and despondency set in again.

We set about dismantling the van with the few tools at our disposal. Door handles off, door liner loose, but try as we might the window winder would not budge. But with a lot of bending, a little blood we get to the lock. Time is of the essence now. Wiz pulls the electronic connection from the lock and devises a plan. Maybe by shoving some screws in and shorting the lock maybe the rear doors will spring open? It was a crazy dangerous plan, but this just might work.
Short this one to that one... nothing. A different combination... nothing. A third try... success!
Back doors unlocked, we race to the loading bay and complete the job with time to spare.

A replacement van is sent out. I do feel a little bad for the driver having to drive back in the rain with no window, but only a little bad.